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Mr. Abdul Bari

Mr. Abdul Bari, a farmer from village Bhairampur, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh transplanted Swarna Sub-1 in 80 decimals during kharif 2012 -13. The crop was submerged completely for a period 10 days after 50 days of transplanting. After the water receded, the crop was regenerated while the adjacent other rice variety crop was severely damaged. Though the submergence took place in the later stage of the crop, the crop revived and flowered normally. He was satisfied with the performance of this crop in submerged condition. Previously he used to grow other rice varieties which would suffer heavy losses. The productivity of his rice was not very high but he was happy to have some yield as compared to others who lost it. Abdul Bari wishes he gets flood tolerant rice in future with shorter duration.