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Mr. Kashi nath Panda

Mr. Kashi nath Panda from Village Dhansar, Block- Banki, Odisha, was previously cultivating Swarna, Kathagahuria, Champesali and other varieties. “Our crop would destroy more often due to river floods” says Nath. We received the Swarna-Sub 1 this time and they told us that this rice can tolerate floods. My Swarna-Sub 1 was flooded just after four days of transplanting with water level six feet above the field. Crop was under the water for 4 days. Then water was receded and I applied nitrogen to it. After eighteen days water again came from the river and submerged my crop for seven days. People were saying that I won’t get any harvest but to my surprise I found crop was still there but not healthy. Other farmers told me that seedlings are damaged and suggested to replant. I waited for a week when it improved and grew normal. People saw the paddy and said they want to use same rice variety in next season. After harvesting I got 5 quintals of paddy from 6 guntha (4.5 t/ha) of land. Now I have kept the seed and few people have also asked me for the seed. Some farmers have already taken seeds from me.