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Mr. lachana Mandangi

Mr. lachana Mandangi a farmer of village Panabadi of Raygada district in Odisha got seed of Sahbhagi Dhan as a part of NFSM demonstration and cultivated it in 1 acre of his land by using SRI method. To compare the performance, he planted Konark (popular variety) in his next plot in the same SRI method. There was a drought spell of 15 days during flowering stage. Konark was much affected and yielded 2.1 t/ha as compared to 5 t/ha yield of Sahbhagi Dhan. According to Lachna, Sahbhagi Dhan could withstand the drought spell without any yield penalty whereas Konark was affected much. “Farmers generally grow Konark, Lalat, Naveen and 1001 varieties in these areas but introduction of Sahbhagi Dhan has proved blessing for this area, says Lachna”. Many farmers have taken seed from him for next season and he saved for his 3 acres in next season.