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Mr. Shashidhar Mahato

Mr. Shashidhar Mahato cultivated Sahbhagi Dhan for first time in 0.17 acre as direct seeding method. He has no irrigation facility and his crop solely depends on rainfall. A severe drought period of 20 days was occurred at the time of flowering. The neighbouring crop variety Lalat was much affected while the Sahbhagi Dhan performed well. “I got the yield of Sahbhagi Dhan 4.5 t/ha as compared to Lalat 2.2 t/ ha in my next plot, says Shashidar”. “Now I am very happy by seeing the drought tolerance of Sahbhagi Dhan and will grow only Sahbhagi Dhan in next season in whole of my land, he further explained”. He would face severe crop losses due to drought in the past. Many other farmers from his village are keen to grow the Sahbhagi Dhan in next season, some of them have already taken seed from Shashidar.