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Mrs. Asha Singh

Mrs. Asha Singh w/o Mr. Uday Singh is living with her two children and in-laws in Tilaktajpur village of Runni Saidpur Block, District Sitamarhi. She belongs to a farmer’s family. Tilak tajpur is situated in south embankment of river Baghmati and severely flood prone. In 2010, while GDS was promoting demonstration for Swarna sub 1 submergence variety of paddy for this flood prone region, Asha was enthusiastic about the intervention. After getting good results in her field, she started mobilizing members of her village for testing out the variety. Subsequently, she was able to mobilize about 200 farmers for next round of demonstration.  She organized women meetings and sensitized them about Climate change as well as qualities of Swarna sub-1 for flood prone areas. She motivated women farmers to participate in training programs on Swarna Sub-1 organized by GDS. She has identified a group of progressive women farmers and led them during Melinda & Bill Gates visit to share their experiences on Swarna Sub-1 with them. She is playing a vital role in establishing Swarna Sub-1 in flood prone areas. During visits of STRASA project leaders, professionals, scientists & government agriculture officials, she met them, shared her experiences and took the team to visit other farmer’s field.